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Beautiful Beachside Hotel

My wife and I stayed for our anniversary for three weeks in July and hated to go home!! I was reminded of our honnymoon in Hawaii in 1980. The beach was as good as Hawaii only larger and the staff was excellent. The restaurant and sportsbar located on premisis served up a prime-rib to die for. Any trip to South Florida should include a stay at the Sands

The nicest vacation I've ever had

I stayed at the Sands hotel for 8 days in october of 2010. I have NEVER met so many nice ,friendly people in my life in such a short stay. Myself being a diplomatic courrier have traveled all my life and I must say this has been one of the most enjoyable memorable experience I've ever had. I would recomend this hotel to a prince. Enjoyed the ocean life.

george is the greatest

answer the phone i need rate info

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Sands Hotel

Address of Sands Hotel
2401 Beach Court,
Singer Island, Florida
USA, 33404
Phone of Sands Hotel
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