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Moorings at Crystal Cove FL USA

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Photo of the Moorings at Crystal Cove
Photo of the Moorings at Crystal Cove
Photo of the Moorings at Crystal Cove
Photo of the Moorings at Crystal Cove

Description of Moorings at Crystal Cove: The Crystal Cove Resort includes The Mooorings Motel, Crystal Cove Marina, Corky Bell's Restaurant and River Adventures,Inc, and is located in Palatka,FL.

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Traveler Reviews of Moorings at Crystal Cove

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Dont reserve here

We had our family reunion here. Booked up a large quantity of available rooms. Got there and were charged an extra $15 per day. The attendant saw us and waited 13 minutes just to greet us as we waited at the front desk. The coffee pot in the room had not been washed or rinsed. Continental bkfst is 1 pack of those tiny unpowdered donuts for the ENTIRE hotel...and coffee.

don't book here

experienced a peeping tom early am. no security on premises. no apologies from management.

nasty motel

I stayed in room 125 and was quoted one price and charged A much higher price.The room was nasty,the grout around the tub had black mold,I had no alarm clock in the room,the pillows were paper thin and so was the towels,and the coffee pot was nasty i had to buy my own coffee pot.The beds have stains on them,as well as the sheets,pillow cases,comforters,and towels.The motel is under staffed,there was only one maid and i had to wait for service.When i asked the maid how soon she could clean my room she got very rude,her name was Doris.I was unhappy with the service there.I asked Doris for towels and she replied they didn't have any,that i had to wait on the laundry.I think if they had more staff the work could be done in a fare amount of time and the guesses wouldn't have to wait.The lady at the desk got very rude with me when i asked her a question.The old man is very sweet and helpful,unlike the lady in the office.My maid Doris has more time to talk to everyone than she does work.I have never stayed at a motel that has been so under staffed,sorry but i won't stay there again.

Not A Family Place To Stay

I stayed at the moorings motel for two weeks,my stay was horrible.I saw that the people who run the place were always fighting over the way the business was ran and who stayed there.I had bed bugs in my bed and management didn't even refund me any of my money back.There was A lady that came to my door and asked my husband for money and she told him that she would have sex with him for it.That's not A motel for respectful people to stay at,my husband and I won't stay there again.

unforgetable stay

my name is kasandra and my family and i stayed at the moorings motel and while i stayed there i was told by my housekeeper doris that the old lady at the desk said that i was on drugs and that i was hooker,well i not either.doris also told me that the old lady at the desk ran a check on my I.D. through the sheriffs department,that's just wrong.the old lady at the desk is a bitch and she's very rude and disrespectful,doris told me she think everyone is either on drugs,selling drugs,or are hookers.that lady looks at me like i'm trash,but she's the one who's judging other people like they are criminals.i'm not sure if i would stay again and yes i'm telling my friends and family about this motel.get rid of the old lady and you may have more business.

rude lady don't stay

my stay at the moorings was going good until the next day when i went to pay for another night and the lady they call dorthy told me i had to go,i ask her why and she told me that i was smoking pot in the room,i wasn't.the old man is such a nice person i don't know how he puts up with suck an ugly woman,maybe her husband isn't keeping her happy so she fusses with everyone else or maybe she's just jealous that everyone else has a life and she doesn't.i feel sorry for that lady,she really needs a hobby,just not finding things wrong in other peoples lives.get a life dorthy!!!!!!

racest lady stay at your own risk

dorthy is racest,she hates blacks.well i'm a black woman and i go to church all the time,i've been told by the housekeeper that dorthy is a child of god,well she's not.a child of isn't racest and they don't judge others,a child of god doesn't listen to gossip,a child of god is fare to everyone in every way.i'm a true child of god and i love my god,i live my life right.dorthy you have alot to learn about being a christain.please be kind to others and god will forgive you for the way you treat others.your soul isn't clean,you need more than just to pray,you need to ask for forgiveness.GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

the moorings is a gossip place

my housekeeper doris was telling me about how bad the motel was,she also told me that the sweet old man let drug dealers stay and hookers stay.she was also bragging about how long she worked there and how she gets all the hours she wants,well i feel that's not fare to other employees.doris also told me that the sweet old man liked young black girls,well that's none of anyones business.i didn't come on vacation to hear gossip about other people.she told me that the other housekeeper doesn't do her job,well neither does she,we found a used condum behind the stand by the coffee pot was dirty,i found stuff in the dresser drawer.but i feel that sometimes everyone has a bad day and she just may have looked over a few things.i had the other housekeeper give me towels,she's really sweet and well mannered.she called me mam.i went to the front desk for change for the washer and i heard the old lady yelling at the sweet old man so i just walked away and i checked out a few hours later.won't stay again.



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Moorings at Crystal Cove Contact Information

Moorings at Crystal Cove

Address of Moorings at Crystal Cove
133 Crystal Cove Dr.,
Palatka, Florida
USA, 32177
Phone of Moorings at Crystal Cove
(386) 325-1055
Website of Moorings at Crystal Cove
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