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The managers say there the owners until the police arrived to take a report because they went through my all our drawers and even stole my wife’s M.S. medication. The Rude manager cussed out the cop over the phone not knowing he was a cop. We paid for a week put left after the second day once we found out they were going through our stuff and stole my wife’s medicine. On top of that there toilets don’t work correctly and overflowed every time. The managers refused to even clean up there mess. They refused to refund our money and the cop said it was a civil matter. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lazy Hours Motel

Address of Lazy Hours Motel
1316 Highway A1A,
Flagler Beach, Florida
USA, 32136
Phone of Lazy Hours Motel
(386) 439-3300

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